Countdown To Launch:
-2844 Days, 15 Hours, 47 Minutes

The search for the last 4 space shuttle astronauts have begun. Take part in the final journey by visiting the space shuttle launch site in SL .

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Avatar Name
Number of Tickets
Oliver Hamstead2
Courtney Zhang2
Chenin Anabuki2
Tony Forell2
Frecka Salsman2
Arie Edmonds2
Dakota Brewster2
Selena MacBride2
Iris Sheldon2
Jennifer Tanley2
Everett Jones2
Philipe De Guzman2
Walter Amstel2
Fred McCollough2
Cyril De Manna2
Sunny Toliver2
Bobby Chen2
Zhang Onclief2
Jackson Mansfield4
Amanda Forlani4
Copernicus Smith4
Walt Faulds6
Phelpsa Resident7
Fritzfranz Fride11
Douglas Tragonach18